02 May 2008


When all my hopes are falling down.
When all my purposes are becaming just dreams.
When all my dreams are disappearing...
I asked myself which my road is. I try to find the right way, the right solution, the right way of being.
I know, it's impossible to understand. But I can't just accept that I'm a fake person, that I'm a hopeless guy. I will never accept my wrong way of living, of thinking, of loving..of being.
I will change..I promise I wil change.
This fear is thrilling me; this dark feeling is becaming a sort of slipknot that let my breathless.
I am drowning, I am fucking lost in this damned hell.
I am alone. Everyday, in every single moment, this solitude brings my hands and put them into a dark water, into a dirt water..my destiny, I guess..
Every single moment I see my demons that lick me and I touch with my fingers the body of my sin. The mouth, the fine smile, the perfect form of her face. The sweetness of her parfume.
I feel lost. I fall alone. I feel I'm falling.
No one like you, because you're going to be my torturer.
I hope you will be kind with my frail heart.
But yes..I am definitely ready to my end.

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